New Year’s Tag!

And just like that my old opening is back folks!(I mean awesome people!)

So I’m back and back with another tag everyone! 

It’s New Year’s themed and I don’t know how the rest of you feel, but I think my Christmas tag answers were kind of getting a little repetitive(“a little, girl did you just seriously say a little? I’m sure you meant a ton!”)


Rules :

Use the tag image I created!

Link the blogger who created the tag (me) and the original post!

Thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog!

Answer the 6 questions!

Tag between 5-12 people!

Copy and paste the same questions for your nominees to answer! And feel free to add your own question if you want!

That’s all!

I tag…



Hope from agdolldreams








Zella T.

Alright all, I’m hoping to have up another important post today and I hope to show you what I received for Christmas tomorrow!

πŸ’š Lizzy


34 thoughts on “New Year’s Tag!

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  3. Hey Lizzy, can I skip this tag? I wish I could do it but I already have a TON of things on my agenda. I will just say that I am really excited for the new year, and happy that I got to start a blog in 2017. I also am planning on tackling a bunch of tags soon, but β€œsoon” will most likely be after New Year’s Day. XD

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