April Recap! May Outline! Changes Coming!

Hello All!

It’s time for a quick recap of April and a look towards May!!

Whoa. May?! Is it May?! *looks at the screen* Ahhh, it is!! How?! Do I feel this way every month? Probably.

Soooo, April?! What happened on my blog this April? Well, let’s see honw my goals held up!

My Goals For April

Actually post the 3-5 collabs!

Well, folks, we did it! We barely scraped by, but we pulled it off!! 3 collabs were posted in April! I did a Q&A collab with the lovely, Ariana! I also did a Q&A collab with the awesome, Brad! And now I just got up my collab with Enni’s dog, Misty! We had our pets interview each other! ✔

Keep up with Unknown Me Mondays!!

I did!! Except for the last two weeks, but that’s because I’m changing it around a bit! 😉 I’m sorry to say that Unknown Me Mondays will not be back until June. *sobs* ❌✔

Get up at least two surprise posts!

Haha. Failure! I have so many ideas for this too, I just never end up doing them! ❌

Post my photostory of the trip I went on during Easter break!

Done! Part # 1 & Part # 2! ✔

Do another round of homemade blogging memes!!

Done!! Round # 4 is official! ✔

Be completely caught up on tags and awards!

Haha. Nope! To be fair, I was nominated like 3 times this month, but I still have like 5 to do! 🙈 I did two this month!

3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag!(I was lazy and just posted two quotes each day since I was nominated twice, but it counts!) ❌


I survived another month of freaking out about college!! Let me tell you, that is no small accomplishment! I’m gonna be there in like a little over three months. 🙈

I gained 40+ followers!

I did 15 posts!!

I posted two surveys and got y’all’s feedback and thoughts on my blog in the future! You can still take them if you want, just go HERE!!

I wrote more often in my journals!

I wrote 3 times to my email pen pal!

I prayed more each day!

We bought my towels for college and some more outfits as well!

I visited friends in Michigan!!

I went to my sister’s 3-Day volleyball tournament!

And that’s pretty much all!!

What You Will See In May!!

Okay, so you may have noticed already that I haven’t been as active on all your lovely blog posts and the sweet and encouraging comments you all leave on my posts! The reason is, I’m going to college in three months and I could go on a rant about how much still has to happen, be bought and packed, etc. but then your head would be spinning as much as mine and I wouldn’t want that! So, I’ve had to back off a little bit from blogging and I have to even more as I approach and then enter college. Therefore, I’m going to make my May goals realistic! 😉

Unknown Me Monday Makeover

So Unknown Me Monday is getting a brand new look!! I’m not gonna give away all the secrets yet, but it will be back in June and I can’t wait to share the changes with y’all!!

Homemade Blogging Memes Galore

So, over the past month or so, I’ve received homemade blogging memes that y’all have made and decided to share with me! A few of you have told me that you want to make some yourself and post them, but you didn’t want to steal my idea. Several of you offered the suggestion on my blog surveys,(and I had thought of it too previously) of you sending me homemade blogging memes and my posting them on my blog, giving you the credit and linking your blog of course! I might also host competitions and post the winning homemade memes as well! I haven’t got all the details worked out yet, but you can expect a post about it soon! 😉

There will be a new series starting in June so you can expect a post about that as well!!

It’s gonna be featuring y’all! Shout out to Bayance for giving me the idea in a survey and to Brad and others for giving me ideas about what I could do in it! 😀🎉 I can’t wait to start it!

Goals For May

Start my new homemade blogging memes “thing” asap!! 😂😂

Work on blog design with the the help of my dear friend, Gracie! Thanks for putting up with me all these months, love!

Post 8+ times this month! (I told y’all I was gonna be realistic! 🙈😝)

Post 1-2 collabs this month!

Gain 20+ followers!


I think that just about wraps it up!!

What does your month look like?


37 thoughts on “April Recap! May Outline! Changes Coming!

  1. Aaah loved reading this! Your accomplishments are great and good luck on your new one. I’m so glad I can help with ideas and GURL I can’t wait for all your new postsss. Also, good luck with college!!! It seems scary but hopefully you’ll do well. I’m still in school mwahahah. 😂 Have a lovely month!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. 🙂 these all sound like great goals! I totally believe you are going to keep growing as a blogger and your following as well!

    Remember to catch your breath 🙂 I know what it is like.

    Liked by 2 people

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