Introducing : Monday Meme!!

Hello All!!

It’s official!! My 5 rounds in addition to my shared round of homemade blogging memes has been greatly enjoyed by all of you according to my stats!

This means that besides shared posts of memes by the community, I will no longer be posting that many rounds of my memes because…







…once every other week, I will be giving you a “Monday Blogging Meme” to brighten up your day and make all those Monday blues go away!

Hey, that rhymes!! Yay, Lizzy! Let’s let them think it was intended! 😜

Anyway to kick off this series, I’ll be sharing my first one this week!!

Haha, that’s so me!! 😂😜🙈

Well, are you all excited for the new series? What did you think of my meme?


19 thoughts on “Introducing : Monday Meme!!

  1. Cool! Your idea is great 😀 Hahah, this meme is so true! 😂 I’m not homeschooled and I normally go to school but I always get a LOT of homework and I have to learn to MANY tests! 🙈 All of these duties make I can’t blog very often during my school year… So this meme is also about me 😂😜

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    1. Thanks, Ann!! Haha, yes, I was trying to mean like homework you bring home to do too! 🙈😝 Yay! I’m glad you liked it! By the way, I love that you are doing recaps on your blog now! That’s so awesome! 😎🎉

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